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I've been reading about Primal/Paleo for a while now, and while I'm skeptical about some of the evolutionary arguments, some of the biochemical arguments are convincing and I know over the years I tend to feel better when I eat more vegetable/protein/fruit proportional to carbs/grain. I already cook the majority of my food from "real" ingredients, so it's not an overly huge leap for me, at least in terms of dropping processed food.

I've been dabbling with paleo-style meals for a while now, and I'm considering attempting to try a month of more pure paleo and see what happens. I can see giving up bread and pasta without much trouble, but I'm pretty nervous about losing cheese, yogurt, milk and beans and about battling my sweet tooth.

Anyway, Passover (in two weeks) seemed like a good time to start, since it forces me to get partway there anyway. What I'm looking for is recipe resources. Are there any paleo recipe websites you love? Cookbooks? Things which are quick and easy, or make large batches so you can enjoy leftovers? Any tricks for fighting sugar cravings? Any easy breakfast suggestions - I'm not afraid of eating non-traditional breakfast foods, but I prefer breakfast that is quick and low on dishes - my habit is a yogurt. Since I don't eat pork, I'm particularly interested in paleo recipe resources that don't put bacon in every other recipe (I do like turkey bacon, but it doesn't always work the same).
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