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From The Guardian:

Barefoot running shoes - reviewed

Looks like there may be some decent discussion in the comments, too.
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Having just tested them in the Peak distinct, I wish to report that Vivo Barefoot's Neo Trail shoes are the business for scrambling up and down steep, muddy sheep tracks through the bracken and heather between boulders.

The deep tread makes the soles a bit stiffer than I'd normally like in a shoe (and the Vivos tend to be a bit stiff for me anyway). But compared to a regular hiking shoe they're very sensitive, the tread grips really well, and I was way, way less worried about spraining an ankle on the paths -- which is usually much more of a hazard than doing so when climbing.
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I was pointed to this community by [personal profile] rydra_wong , who linked to a couple of my posts about trying out barefoot running.  At the moment it is socked running, but I posted another update in my journal if anyone is interested.

excursion #5, toe socks

All my barefoot running updates are under the running tag on my journal.

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For anyone who's heard me whinging in the past few years about how Vivo Barefoot shoes used to be so much more barefoot before they changed the soles -- they've brought the old soles back on a few models, the Aqua Lite and Lucy Lite.

So if you're looking for an extremely thin and flexible (but more or less indestructible*) sole, check them out.


{*I'm still wearing my old Vivos from years ago, because the soles have not worn out despite years of constant wear on London pavements. With one pair, the lining and uppers finally wore out while the soles still have plenty of use left in them; I'm planning to construct a new pair of shoes round them.}
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The New York Times reports on some interesting research on people transitioning to "barefoot" shoes:

Tara Parker-Pope: Are Barefoot Shoes Really Better?

Take-home message seems to be that they do reduce the risk of injury in runners -- if you adjust your running form. If you don't, though, then you can injure yourself in new and exciting ways.
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Please excuse the terrible quality of the photograph and the apocalyptic mess of a desk on which my feet are propped, and focus on the sandals:


I made these from a kit from InvisibleShoe.com, who will sell you a sheet of 4mm Vibram Cherry rubber and a pair of nylon laces, and provide the instructions on their website.

I modified said instructions slightly: I decided that rubber against bare skin was going to be unpleasant in the heat and used Shoe Goo to attach a layer of denim from my rag bag, leaving it rough around the edges (because I like the look and because I'm lazy), and I pulled a loop of lace through the toe hole rather than a single strand so I could modify the tying system and make them simpler to take on and off.

I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. It's taken a few days of wear for the lump of the knot under the sole to flatten out, and for me to learn how to wear them (mysteriously, it's easier to walk with them laced more loosely), but they're now very comfy and I expect them to be my standard wear when it's too hot for shoes.

If you're in a climate which is sandal-friendly at any point in the year, this could be a good cheap way of trying out barefoot shoes and seeing how they work for you.
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But I just posted this and thought it might be Relevant To Your Interests:

Barefoot shoes: for everyone who's always wanted Jack Hawksmoor's feet

Comments and queries very welcome!


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