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First off, welcome. This comm is for anyone who is somehow engaging in primal/paleo living no matter how strictly, whether it be just kicking the grain to the curb, or full on persistence hunting in your own backyard.

We welcome introduction posts, posts about your primal/paleo journey, post about how you play, how you eat or how you work out, as well as posts about what you do or don't wear on your feet (or body for that matter), how the primal/paleo thing effects areas of your life you never thought of, or how you finally mastered cooking with coconut oil. Go Wild! We want to hear about your new kettlebells, your first time swimming in open water, your latest barefoot run and all the other cool things you get up to.

What's not welcome here:

-NO TRASHING OTHER PEOPLE'S FOOD CHOICES. Everyone's diet is their own. Just because you do primal/paleo one way, doesn't mean that EVERYONE does. There are a lot of variations, and around here, we will respect that.

-NO TRASHING OTHER PEOPLE'S EXERCISE CHOICES. Everyone's body is their own. Some people Crossfit, some people PX90, some people run in the park with a frisbee and their dog.

-NO TRASHING OTHER PEOPLE. These are your fellow humans, please try and remember that. Sexist, racist, genderist or other bigoted posts/comments will be summarily deleted.

-NO EVOLUTION DEBATE. We eat/live primal/paleo because it works. How it came to be that this works isn't something we'll be arguing about here.

-The mod also reserves the right to add more rules at any point.

The Rules:

-We'd like to ask that all discussions about weight, weight loss, and/or calories should go behind a cut, with a cut tag that notes this is why you are cutting the post.


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