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Hi guys!

I'm so glad to see people over here actively posting. Welcome!

Just so you know: there is now a tag for recipes: recipe! Also, if you guys would like other tags, please feel free to request them by leaving a comment on the Rules/FAQ post. (After I make you a tag, I'll be screening the comment so it doesn't get to jumbled over there.)

There has also been an addition to the rules: I'd like to ask you guys to cut for discussion of weight loss and calorie counting in respect for people who need or want to be able to skip these kinds of discussions.

I am also still in the market for a co-mod, as my life at the moment is hectic-land and I am focusing on getting enough sleep while still applying to Ph. D programs, going to grad school and interning. I'd really like to have a weekly open-thread, but know that it isn't something I could take on right now. So if there is anyone out there who thinks this is a good idea and would like to take on the responsibility raise your hand!

And lastly, if you have any other suggestions, things you'd like to see, things you'd like to tell me, anything, please go on ahead! I'd like to hear what you think of the comm so far and where you'd like it to go in the future.
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Hello, I'm your mod, [personal profile] copperlion. I'm a quickly approaching 30, semi-primal, grad student with hopes of bettering my body and my mind, becoming more primal, and eventually running a successful and interesting community (this one to be exact).

Today is the first day of Mark's Daily Apple's 30-Day Primal Contest, which I will be participating in this time around. I'm really working on cleaning up my diet, sticking to primal foods and not getting stuck eating in the cafeteria because I forgot to make my lunch this month.

The other thing I'm concentrating on this month is play. Why? Because somehow I grew and forgot what playing was. Except for staying away from the ice cream, figuring out how to play again has been one of the hardest parts of going primal for me. Partially because my partner hasn't jumped on the primal train with me yet, so I'm often trying to figure out how to play alone and partly because my brain keeps screaming, "YOU LOOK STUPID." My brain, in fact, is the one who's stupid, because once I get started, running around, climbing trees and generally making a nuisance out of myself I remember how FUN it is to play.

So, my goal is to post here at least once a week with update on how the challenge is going this month. I also hope you guys will introduce yourselves and start posting about your primalness!


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